“Joanne has a gift to be able to observe the situation as it is and provide positive guidance to struggling parents. Thank you for being you! You have an enormous heart and are so kind.”Clare Sullivan, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

“Joanne is compassionate and very empathetic to both the child’s and the parents’ point of view. She is an excellent listener. She is also a careful observer with a talent in identifying the central element to complex and layered issues. She is a well of knowledge and able to connect you to people in the neighbourhood, services, books and websites as needed.

Joanne helped our family through a difficult period and has forever endeared herself to us. We are so grateful for help in dealing with our sleepless nights and the various challenges that arose related to our amazing, spirited, sensitive and high-needs child. She was always patient and helpful with our seemingly endless “Are we doing this right?”, “Am I missing something?”, “Is there a better way?” questions. Joanne’s optimistic and practical advice has enhanced our family life in significant ways. ”Many thanks!
Fiona Frappier, PhD

“Whenever I was struggling as a parent, I knew that Joanne would be able to help. She would listen to whatever challenge I had with empathy. She’d give me a sense of how my kids were perceiving my approach. And then she’d offer concrete solutions that felt right to me, and most importantly, they worked. Every single time, I felt better about my abilities as a parent. She offers advice that helps you overcome your kids’ difficult behaviour, and helps you feel good about how you handled things when you go to bed at night. ”

Jessica Brando

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart: you truly did help me become a better parent, not just by giving advice, but by giving me confidence when we adopted our two year old son. In reality, there was so much we didn’t need to worry about as well as so much we didn’t know…you helped guide me through.

Vivian Lo

When I met Joanne, I was nearing the end of my maternity leave and suffering from anxieties about returning to work. Joanne’s compassion towards my heartbreak over ‘daycare drop-offs’ comforts me to this day. Even now with my son entering first grade, Joanne’s expert advice resonates with us as we work through various growing pains, power struggles and behavioural challenges that often accompany my son’s developmental milestones. My son placed a photo of “Miss Jojo” next to our other family photos, and I’m sure that’s because he remembers how she soothed and strengthened us both in our early years.

He Jung