What issues can Parent Support address?

I can:

  • Identify your family’s needs/strengths and clarify your vision for a healthier, calmer, more connected home life
  • Illuminate patterns from your family of origin that may be impacting your current relationships
  • Support you in determining how to find time for yourself and your relationships, and how to achieve a more balanced family life
  • Explore with you new ways to co-parent more effectively
  • Guide you to an understanding of child development, the root causes of misbehaviour and the impact of temperament
  • Work with you to create simple family rules and routines that reduce conflict and stress
  • Help you develop tools to tackle challenging behaviours, such as tantrums, talking back, verbal and physical aggression, lying and sibling rivalry, and to manage sleep issues, mealtime stress and screen-time limits
  • Share information about positive communication skills that you can apply in your family life to foster more harmonious relationships
  • Support you in dealing with school matters: homework struggles, social skills and bullying, as well as learning disabilities or exceptionalities; help you advocate for your child within the school system
  • Assist you in supporting your family through major life transitions, such as adjusting to a new baby, coping with a premature baby, separation, divorce, chronic illness, diagnosis of special needs, allergies, etc.
  • Provide guidance on how you can manage anger, stress and anxiety in your home
  • Give you tips to stay connected with your teenager and reduce daily power struggles
  • Direct you to resources and referrals that can help your child reach his or her full potential — and thrive

Contact Joanne

My name is Joanne Boyd and my goal is to connect with you and support you in your parenting journey. I’m a Registered Early Childhood Educator / Parent Educator with a Bachelor of Science degree and 28+ years experience in the child and family sector. I  provide parent coaching sessions virtually on Zoom or by telephone.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss your parenting challenges at 613.793.6618 or email: Joanne@parentsupport.ca.  Email Joanne