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Well, here we are but a few weeks into the Sepember routine and some stressors are starting to creep back into our lives. Here are some common daily scenerios that get our stress juices flowing:

  • getting everyone packed up with snacks, lunches and having had a healthy breakfast
  • getting out the door on time
  • surviving the everyday ups and downs of school, daycare, playgroup, or work
  • finding time and energy for a healthy and sometimes yummy evening meal
  •  running off to extracurriculars
  • and ensuring everyone gets to bed on time for a good might sleep.    

That list doesn't include the extras like remembering to hem my 12 year olds' men's size medium pants, picking up groceries, laundry, spending time with my aging mother, fall house maintenance, etc, etc.You get the picture. Summer holidays seem a long way off......

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