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Welcome to my parent support blog. I'm new to this, but hoping to create a healthy, supportive community where we can discuss everyday parenting concerns and trends. I welcome your comments and questions. By the way, I'm definitely more of a talker than writer, so, please forgive my grammar and punctuation errors. I really try to live by the motto " Nobody's Perfect  "

So, today is my first day as a freelance parent support coach and educator. I'm a bit nostalgic about leaving my fabulous position of 6 years as a facilitator at a very busy downtown drop in program where I served families and caregivers with children aged birth to 6. In that position, I always loved coming back in September to hear everyone's summer stories and to marvel at how much developmental change happened in such a short time. I'm not sure who was prouder of these new milestones, parents, caregivers or the children themselves. I am already missing the hugs and smiling faces but have changed gears professionally in search of restoring some much needed balance in my own family life. 

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